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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my payment? 
Please write your loan number on your check and send to: Statebridge Company LLC., 4600 South Syracuse Street, Suite 700, Denver, CO 80237.

When is my payment considered late? 
Late charges are specified in your mortgage Note. A payment is considered late one day after the payment due date. However, a late charge is not assessed until the end of the grace period specified in your mortgage Note.
How do I request a payoff statement? 
To request a payoff statement, please call Statebridge 866-466-3360.

What types of funds are acceptable to payoff my loan account? 
The following types will be accepted: Cashier’s Check, Bank Certified Check, Attorney/Title Company Escrow Check, or Bank Wire.

How do I obtain wiring instructions to payoff my loan?
Please contact Statebridge Company at 866-466-3360 for current wiring instructions.

How quickly is my payoff overage refunded to me, after my mortgage is paid in full?
Any remaining payoff overages will be refunded within 30 calendar days from the date your loan obligation is satisfied.